what we learned from the life.together project (year one).

All this blogging sure did teach us a few things. Here are a few of the lessons we learned.

Blogging isn’t easy: i have a heightened respect for those who give themselves, in any way, to blogging, but all the more heightened respect for those who give themselves to consistent blogging. Although it is a great joy to both create and share, the old grumpy flesh is a master of turning the joys God gives into nothing more than to-do list and required tasks. The capturing of the photos was almost always easy but the actual blogging of the photos is what so often became a whip and where we often failed to consistently apply ourselves. So yes, blogging is not easy.

Sometimes you forget to take a photo: some nights, at around 11:55 PM, you say to yourself, “blast! i forgot to take a photo today!” Or something along those lines, and then you scurry around the house looking for something interesting to photograph with varying levels of success.
The world is a wonderfully beautiful place: being required to point your camera lens at the world, every day for a year, is a great reminder of how beautiful the world really is. Constricting the beauty of the world to a two inch by two inch frame may have significant short comings, but those inadequacies, i think, were out weighed by the forced repetition of taking time to see the beauty every day for 365 days.
It feels good to create again: Sarah Beth and i actually met while we were in art school and the regiment of required art project after required art project was a beautiful opportunity to create, create, and create some more. As life has progressed since college, we have found ourselves creating art less and less. We loved this project because it motivated us to create a little bit of art every day.
We do not want to stop: that’s right. we’re not done. In fact, this week we are going to start another year long project. It will be weekly this year instead of daily and the rules will be a little different (you can read about them here), but the main premise will be the same… two people creating separate works of art and then displaying them side by side. We look forward to sharing our creative works with you over the year to come as we live this life.together.
Each week’s work with have a theme and this weeks theme will be: snow (in honor of all the snow that has been dumped on WV today). Look for the photos this weekend.
Until then… enjoy a couple photos from this past year.